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How will I know what time to choose?

Choose anytime between 8:30 and 6pm on the calendar that is available. We will be in touch within an hour or two (within business hours) to confirm the time with you.

How easy is it to book online?

It really does take no more than 60 seconds. Simply fill out the booking form that can be found at and we will be in touch shortly afterwards to confirm the date with you. You can choose to pay online with your debit or credit card through Stripe. Stripe is one of the world’s leading credit card processing companies and it is fully safe and secure to use your card there.

Cleaning Supplies
Do you do Green Cleaning?

We have teams that use 100% Green Cleaning supplies. Simply request it and we will assign a green team to your house.

Who provides the supplies?

We provide all perishable supplies. Large items such as mops and vacuums we can provide, however to avoid germs spreading we prefer not to! If you have any supplies you would prefer our cleaners to use please just ask.

Pricing Structure
What forms of payment do you accept?

We generally only accept credit/debit cards. For first time bookings we accept cash in hand, and thereafter we ask that bookings are made through the website. To book online at Our online payments are processed by stripe, and are processed though a fully secure 256 bit protocol. In addition, we have a full extended validation SSL security as well. Booking through Maid to Clean is safe and secure and we guarantee this.

What does it cost to clean my home?

We operate on a flat rate basis given the number of bedrooms. For most standard sized home cleanings, please see our price rates here:

Is there a cost of cancellation?

As long as the booking is cancelled more than 24 hours before the booking, we will not charge you anything for a cancellation! Within 24 hours the cost will be £10 due to our cleaners travelling to your location.

The Service Itself
More about the Deep Clean Service

Our deep cleans are designed to leave a place in absolutely pristine condition. It’s a deeper cleaning that includes cleaning inside cabinets and drawers, fixtures, inside the fridge, all baseboards, etc. These kinds of cleans are perfect for move in/move out situations.

How long will my cleaning take?

We normally send 2 cleaners and together usually take around 1.5 hours per bedroom, but we do not specify a length of cleaning. We clean until we are finished for a standard home and within reason. For special cases like hoarders, or extremely large homes, we may adjust the estimate for fairness.

Do I have to be home for the cleaning?

No, just leave us a key to gain entry and we will take it from there. You can leave a key under the mat, in the mailbox, at the front-desk…whatever is most convenient for you

How many cleaners will turn up?

We work in teams of ones and twos.

About Us

We are striving to be different than your standard cleaning company. Maid to Clean is an environmentally friendly cleaning company with a number one priority on customer satisfaction. We want to make the process of hiring a cleaner as simple as possible for you, while ensuring that you receive the very best service. We employ professional and experienced cleaners, who get directly rewarded for putting a smile on your face. Add to that our 100% satisfaction guarantee, and you can be pretty sure you’ll be happy with our service.

Insured and Bonded

All of our cleaners are fully insured. Have peace of mind while your home is being cleaned.

We Bring Supplies

Cleaners bring supplies and can bring green supplies that are safe for your family and pets as an add on. Let us know of any special requests, and we’ll make it happen.

Secure Payments

Pay securely online with your credit or debit card. All transactions use 256-bit encryption. No more running to the bank to pay for your cleaning.